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Wide Format Advertising Printing Solution

The wide format advertising printing is mainly divided into transverse width of 3.2 meters and 5 meters and used in outdoor advertising printing. The common matching inks are solvent ink and UV ink, the main commonly used printheads are Seiko, Konica, Ricoh, Kyocera and so on. wide format printing is with higher speed and yield, which effectively improves the productivity.

The wide format advertising printing solution is composed of main control board, sprayer board, driver board and upper computer processing software etc..


Cost Saving

Non-contact printing and using Environmentally friendly UV ink, no loss and pollution

UV-LED curing light for energy saving and environmental protection

High printing speed and productivity

Efficient and convenient

One-time done without stitching

One-button operation, automatic positioning, printing, curing and easy to use

Humanized operation interface: one-time set for repeated printing

Optimized quality

Supports linear motor and printing faster and more steadily

Support switching printing of single dot and variable dot to meet the different needs of customers’

Productivity increasing

Optional printheads and maximum support 32 heads for customization

Various printing modes to meet different printing quality or production needs

Bi-directional printing doubles productivity

Application scenario