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PCB printing application solution

PCB Legend Printing System 


Based on the operational principle of the addition method, PCB legend printing begins with transferring the Gerber data produced by CAM, CCD accurate positioning in circuit board, printing with the specific UV ink onto the circuit board and instant curing by UV-LED light. It simplifies the traditional legend printing process and just ink jetting for both side of circuit board.

The PCB legend printing system is composed of control board, spray board, driver board and upper monitor software etc.

Cost Saving

No platemaking and shortening the process

Non-contact printing and using Environmentally friendly UV ink, no loss and pollution

Instant curing and continuously printing A and B surfaces, saving long-time oven dry process

UV-LED curing light for energy saving and environmental protection

Automatically adjusting print height without manual operation

Stable quality and high yield rate

Efficient and convenient

CAM automatically converts print graphic file without screening edition

Easy to add identification code, support a variety of bar codes and date settings

One-button operation, automatic positioning, printing, curing and easy to use

Humanized operation interface: one-time set for repeated printing

Optimized quality

Resolution capability of self-developed RIP makes graphics much finer and more accurate

Automatic expansion and shrinkage function improves the accuracy of the position

Full ink drop control produces superior character cross-line quality

Productivity increasing

Optional printheads and maximum support 32 heads for customization

Various printing modes to meet different printing quality or production needs

Bi-directional printing doubles productivity

Expand to support single pass printing and maximize production