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Packaging and printing application solution

Package Printing Solution

Recently the development prospect of printing communication shows new trends with the maturing of digital communication technology, Hosonsoft is convinced that “the key for printing companies to success is to achieve maximum production efficiency and economic efficiency by flexibly exploiting the advantages of digital printing technology.” Therefore, the company has been vigorously developed digital printing technology.


The digital printing system for the packaging industry came into being and was committed to providing customers with high-speed and efficient packaging and printing solutions, meeting the double standards of productivity and economic efficiency.


Since the establishment Hosonsoft has successively introduced a variety of packaging printing systems to support scanning and single pass. The printing system supports the number of printhead from 1 to 128 with the mainstream printhead brands, and has been well received for the stability and after-sales service. In order to further meet the market demand and improve the service program, Hosonsoft is continuously researching and developing to meet the needs of market, including the application for varnish, water-based inks, and UV inks etc.


Packaging printing has been widely applied to the surface of various shapes and materials, whether porous or non-porous, flat or curved, fabric or ribbed surface, such as plastic, cloth, paper, leather, ceramic, glass or metal, etc. It is also suitable for various printing speeds which including constant speed, variable speed or intermittent operation, especially the continuous non-stop production line operations.

The main features of the package printing system are as follows:

Single pass printing ensures the maximization of the production efficiency and can connect to traditional packaging production line to realize the automatic assembly line.

Support for automatic cleaning nozzle and standby flashing functions. After reaching the set time the device will automatically maintain cleaning, which ensures the printing keep stable for a long time. The device can automatically enter the standby state if non-operative, meanwhile the nozzles consume a small amount of ink to maintain spaying status to avoid the dry and pollution. When re-feeding inspected the device will enter into the production status automatically.

Support for height measurement. The height information can be calculated to the different position of the light, when detected cardboard stacking or deforming the device can be automatically raised to prevent the nozzle and return to the normal print height until the abnormal cardboard left.

When single pass printing, a group of printheads only print one color, and the numbers of printheads are decided by different print format. The number of colors, number of printhead and printhead type could be organized for different applications which certifies the high compatibility of the system.

Support forward and reverse feeding. Whatever the machine design is forward or reverse the printing is with the same color sequence,which is easy-to-use for operation. The function is more convenient when supporting the traditional the assembly lines.

On-demand production and easy-to-adjust: Because of the full compute control plateless printing can provide customers with flexible printing services and needs including content and quantity, and can output personalized content and changes. Booting up from one sheet and printing without plate making ,adjusting and excessive cost.

green and energy conservation: The system supports water-based ink and UV ink, no pollution and odor, environmentally friendly.

The operation of packaging printing system is intelligent. Compared with the traditional printing technology, the system reduces personnel, time and materials, and shortens the typesetting within several minutes.