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Label printing application solution

Label Printing Solution

In the field of digital ink-jet printing, the digital printing has become one of the important trends for label printing which has been proved in the world's major label printing exhibitions in recent years. Thereinto , Hosonsoft specially developed inkjet printing technology in this field for the most promising technical trend.


Hosonsoft’s newly developed color variable label ink-jet printing solution can upgrade to full color on a single black basis, enable customers to enjoy more colorful label products.


1, support the mainstream  printheads in the market, such as Ricoh series, KM series, Kyocera series;

2, Single pass printing method ensures more efficient, and more convenient connection with the traditional equipment to achieve automated production;

3, The system adopts modular design. The printing modular per each color is highly integrated and can be connected with a variety of traditional printing equipment.The system can help the printing companies easily upgrade from traditional printing to digital printing and meet the printing requirements for personalized, short board and anti-counterfeiting.

4, The print format can be expanded to support a larger one to meet customers’ needs;

5, Self-developed of variable label software is integrated with set variable data generation, RIP, color management and network algorithm to ensure the printing quality.

Part of the parameters of the color label inkjet system

Examples of application scenarios for color label inkjet systems