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Instructions for using RIP color software

Hoson software provides R & D services for RIP printing software and inkjet printing system (hardware + software).

1. Sharp print RIPrint software

Product introduction: in the process of inkjet printing, the main function of RIP software is to interpret all kinds of images, graphics and characters in the computer as dot matrix information that can be recorded by the printer, and then print out the image lattice information by printing software.

Hoson sharp printing RIPrint software is a powerful, powerful image editing, typesetting and output software. Since the listing, the software has been highly appraised by the industry with its powerful professional ability and special auxiliary function, which encourages us to go ahead and continue to fight. All the time, the forward-looking strategic vision of the company and the study of the industry for many years has always adhered to the forefront of industry innovation. After that, color management software and variable printing and printing software have been introduced.

2. VariBook non graph printing software

VariBook is a professional digital printing and output software (also called personalized printing and printing software) that can be used in graphic and text mixing and design. It also supports variable data printing and batch printing. Users automatically synthesize the pre prepared mass of personalized data on a custom file template, including text, numbers, images, bar codes and so on, and then carry out high speed output on the printing device to produce a publication that is different from the same content.

3. Inkjet printer system scheme

Hoson software for industrial ink-jet printing equipment customized design PCB board, supporting embedded control system software and computer desktop control software, completed industrial ink-jet printing process, dot algorithm, motion control, color management, sprinkler control, mass data high-speed processing and other activities, applied in the label bar code ink-jet printing collar. The field, the field of advertising and ink-jet printing at home and abroad, the field of ceramic inkjet printing, the field of PCB screen printing, the field of textile ink-jet printing and printing, the field of engineering drawing and printing, and the field of 3D printing. The existing product solutions are as follows:

Wide advertising solutions:Broadband advertising solution color software simple and easy to use operation interface and powerful typesetting function, simplified the workflow of customers to improve production efficiency.

Advertising print solution:The domestic and foreign advertising market has become the main contributor to the domestic printing force. The rapid development of the national economy has led to the rapid development of the advertising plane, and the plane advertising has injected strong impetus into the ink-jet printing. With the development of digital printing, the function of personalized design has provided greater space for advertising design. Our company complies with the development trend of the market, giving priority to the design and development of advertising printing solutions, providing stable and excellent system design for our customers.

PCB printing application solution:In the field of PCB, inkjet technology is still developing, and PCB is an industry that needs a lot of rapid production. So the production speed and qualification rate of ink-jet technology are the main factors that affect PCB printing.

Label printing application solution:In the field of digital inkjet printing, the application of label printing has become one of the most important directions for the development of labels, which has been proved in the world's major label printing exhibitions in recent years. In this field, the ink-jet printing technology of the targeted development in this field has become the most potential technical direction in the development of label digital printing because of its unique technical characteristics.

Textile printing and dyeing solution:Nowadays, the fashion of personalities has become a trend of consumption. The fashion cycle of clothing is shortened and the pattern of flower is varied. More and more consumer goods are pursuing unique fabric patterns.

3D print solution:3D printing technology (3D printing), one of the rapid prototyping technology, is a technique for constructing objects on the basis of a digital model file by superimposing a continuous physical layer and printing by layer by layer.

Ceramic printing solution:In the aspect of ceramic printing, our company has developed a printing plan. The scheme supports multi task operation, supporting task statistics including trigger calculation, printing, sending and other data statistics. Data transmission adopts network interface to make data transmission more efficient. The control software integrates real-time monitoring of printing status, anomaly detection, and synchronous recovery of triggering anomalies. It can make the factory realize continuous production and high efficiency.

Packaging and printing application solution:The advanced packaging ink-jet printing system designed and developed by our company requires only the operator to press the keyboard in the operation, and print the printed font, symbol and various graphic and text. It can not only be used to print words and numbers, but also can be used to select and expand the bar code and the user (customer) anti-counterfeiting signs of the jet printing function. Ink jet printing system has far exceeded the traditional printing category. It has the function of data processing and information storage, in addition to the printing function of black and white and color. In data transmission, we use a gigabyte optical fiber module for transmission, optical fiber transmission has a small attenuation, bandwidth, strong anti-interference and other advantages.

UV print solution:Our company has designed and developed UV printing system for glass, tile, advertising, digital shell, leather color printing, building materials, arts and crafts and many other industries to provide a mature application solution.