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In addition to the ball game this summer, there are RIPrint software

Shenzhen HosonSoft Co., Ltd. Hits:4115 Publication time:2018-08-03 SML

In July, we will review the recent trend of Hoson RIPrint software and see which one is right for you.

Our slogan is "equally excellent but more concise."

Publish RIPrint5.0 Standard Edition:

For pictorial, spray and other models. The UI interface of fashion human nature is simple but not simple. Exclusive Black decomposition technology to effectively solve the phenomenon of single black and white. Real time handover between Chinese and English system, no need to restart the software.

Release the RIPrint5.3UV version:

Main UV white ink, light oil and other applications. The new color management algorithm, independent research and development of ICC color correction process are all open. Support Barbieri color correction instrument, making it more convenient and quick to make inner light curve.

Release RIPrint5.4 textile:

Custom color channel settings, maximum support for 14 channel output. Support vector file formats such as EPS, PSD, and so on.

RIPrint5.4 ceramic version will be released soon. Please look forward to it.

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