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UltraPrint RIP Software feature description

Shenzhen HosonSoft Co., Ltd. Hits:17647 Publication time:2018-08-03 SML

1.The function of the jigsaw is flexible and convenient

2.Professional painting function

a)Intelligent image location: automatically locating new added images does not result in overlapping images.

b)Large image segmentation: It is convenient and fast to print a large image. 95% of the previous customers completed this process in Photoshop, which is time-consuming and laborious.

c)Image area print output: you can select the output of any area of the image, so that you can conveniently and quickly complete the output of the sample.

e)Multiple pasting: Repeat printing of an image quickly, such as printing a slogan map, 500 copies, typesetting in 5 seconds in sharp colors;

f)Error compensation: the size error of image output is succinctly accomplished.

3. Color Management

a)At the same time, the two sets of color patterns are supported: general mode (ICC mode, bright color, versatility) and real mode (standard ICC mode, the output color is closer to the original image), and users can switch the print color mode according to the different output requirements.

b)Open ICC production, users can use UltraPrint to make ICC curve, can also use third-party software (Profile Maker, Monaco Profile) to make ICC.

4.A variety of simple and easy-to-use color management adjustment tools: customers can adjust brightness contrast, shade, color shift and other freely;

Sharp color software color tuning tools have been widely praised since it was introduced. This function is simple and easy to use. Users with Photoshop color base can use it to solve the problem of color deviation that they encounter.

5.Support CMY Tri Color Mode:

The "FullColor" color processing engine can ensure that the three color output effects of most of the images are close to the CMYK four color output, and this function can be applied to some of the most productive users.

6.Support PS/EPS/PDF a variety of PostScript file format: to meet the requirements of domestic and foreign customers for vector file output (vector files can better ensure the output effect);

7.Support for super file output: the maximum output can reach 100 meters, and the output file size can reach 40GB.

8.Support Photoshop / AutoCAD and other design software directly output, more convenient for customers to use.

9.Support multi-level gray dot: to ensure the output of grayscale printing.

10.Support network printing: network version supports large client multi machine cluster printing.