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Ceramic printing solution

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Ceramic printing system

The ceramic printing system uses variable dot technology to make the output image more delicate and realistic. Using UV-curable ink can print patterns on any material, such as wood, glass, leather, ceramic tile and so on. Ceramic printing workflow: Feeding→Ceramic finishing→Positioning→Printing→Feeding→Baking→Cooling. The entire process is fully automated: automatic feeding, automatic positioning, automatic printing, and automatic feeding which simplifies the manual operating process.

The ceramic printing system is composed of : main control board, sprayer board,  driver board, upper computer processing software, and PLC control module.

Cost Saving

Saving manpower and shortening the process

Non-contact printing and using Environmentally friendly UV ink, no loss and pollution

Instant curing and continuously printing A and B surfaces, saving long-time oven dry process

Automatically adjusting print height without manual operation

Stable quality and high yield rate

Efficient and convenient

Automatic operating and switching materials quickly

One-button operation, automatic positioning, printing, curing and easy to use

Humanized operation interface: one-time set for repeated printing

Optimized quality

Switching Simply and quickly, customization manufacturing and reducing inventory

Simple to color, reduce the manpower and save the cost

excellent reproducibility and easier technology management

Productivity increasing

Optional printheads and maximum support 32 heads for customization

Various printing modes to meet different printing quality or production needs

Bi-directional printing doubles productivity

Expand to support single pass printing and maximize production

Application scenario