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3D Printing Technology

3D printing technology is an additive manufacturing technology. Objects can be constructed with physical layers-by-layer printing for almost any shape or geometry from digital model data file. With its obvious advantages such as low cost and short production cycle, 3D printing technology is known as "The most iconic technology of the third industrial revolution, thereby greatly shortening the product development cycle, increasing productivity and reducing production costs.

The most prominent advantage of 3D printing technology is that it can generate parts of any shape directly from computer graphics without machining or any tooling.

Market Situation

The development of 3D printing business in overseas markets is very rapid, especially in 2013 the global 3D industry developed with a huge growth rate of 81.49% and a market size of USD 4 billion. The United States, Japan, and Germany occupy the leading position in the 3D printing market,  the United States in particular has accounted for nearly 40% of the world's proportion. By 2016 the market size has reached 10 billion dollars. Since Chinese government has always introduced policies to support the development of this industry and now 3D printing industry becomes promising  in China.

Our 3D Printing Solution

Based on its core strengths, Hosonsoft focuses on the field of inkjet 3D printing and extends its over 10 years experience of format printing and color management to 3D printing.

Multi-axis linkage control system

The 3D printing system designed by our company is to realize the layer-by-layer printing through controlling the movement of the X-axis and Y-axis, and realize the hierarchical data structure processing through software calculation and Z-axis lifting. Hosonsoft has more than 10 years of development experience multi-axis linkage control system.

Full Color

Hosonsoft adopts the core technology "Full Color" process engine to promote its format printing RIP color management experience and technology to the 3D printing field, and achieve full-color 3D printing with reducing late coloring link and greatly shortening full-color 3D item molding cycle.

Printhead application

3D printing prefers to the high-temperature resistance nozzles for more precise and efficient applications. Hosonsoft havs more than 10 years of experience in format printing and have in-depth cooperation with many international printhead manufacturers. The company will further explore more inkjet 3D printing and printhead application for full-color scenes.